All Huniepop 2 Costume Codes

All Huniepop 2 Costume Codes. If you want to swap back, just submit the code again. Double date is easily all the outfits you can unlock for the 12 lovely ladies featured in the game.

Huniepop Outfit Guide Huniepop Audrey Belrose Cosplay
Huniepop Outfit Guide Huniepop Audrey Belrose Cosplay from

The developers have shared they are 96 percent of the way done with the game, and are almost ready to. Access the code entry screen from the title screen of the game and type one of the following codes below to get the desired costume; There is now a 10% chance that kyu will show up in one of four alternate outfits when you visit her at the hotel room.

#Codes #Outfits #Huniepop2 #Hunie #Pop #Huniepop #Doubledateall Bonus Outfit Codes:mooooooooooooo (Sarah's Cow Girl Outfit)Lick Or Eat Smell Her Feet (Lillia.

All of these were initially posted on the official kyu sugardust twitter page over the past couple years to promote the game. When you use the code not only it replaces the hairstyles it also changes abia's icon in the finder. There are 12 outfit codes as of writing this and i plan to update this guide if anymore code come out in the future.

One Of The Best Parts About Huniepop 2:

If you have a cheat engine installed (not covered in this guide), you can input a number of cheats to make your dates in huniepop 2 significantly easier. Infinite date moves — the date moves available won’t decrease. Download huniepop 2 double date.

As Of Now, It Has One Script (Play Cutscenes).

To unlock brooke's stars & stripes outfit, use the code from c to shining dd. If you spot anything incorrect or missing in the guide tell me and i’ll fix it asap. If you want to swap back, just submit the code again.

Abia's Going To Need To See What You Have In Your Pants.

A girl will always change into the specified outfit for the date location, regardless of the outfit selected for her by the player this table shows the outfit unlocked at each location for each girl. Locations marked with n/a are unavailable. Locations with an x use the starting outfit.

Huniepop 2 Outfit Codes List Hopefully, Huniepot Will Be Adding More Bonus Outfits In The Future, But For Now, We Have These 12 To Add To The Game.

Lick or eat smell her feet. I kept in my favorite combinations for each character, and my favorite outfits overall came from jessie,. A casting call poster made by huniepotdev for huniepop 2.

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