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Best Cards B4B. Back 4 blood’s card system will change how you play the game. Let's face it, back 4 blood.

Overview B4B Payments
Overview B4B Payments from

Meth head is the game's craziest melee card. What are the best back 4 blood cards? Weak spots are the only way to take down this horrible amalgamation of flesh and bone.

What The Combat Knife Does Is It Helps You To Be Able To Effectively Get Away From Zombies When They Surround You.

Below, we have enlisted and detailed some of the best active cards in the game. However, with the right cards, you can push holly even further, making her an absolute powerhouse and solidifying her position as one of the best characters in back 4 blood. Meth head is the game's craziest melee card.

Best Swarm Pvp Deck In Back 4 Blood.

For a melee build, this card is perfect; Use the following cards in your karlee build: + 1 extra life and + 5 health.

With A Card Like Mugger, You Will Be Able To Receive A 2% At Spawning Ammunition With Each Melee Kill.

15 great cards, complete card list. Marked for death is a card that requires active team coordination. You can keep these zombies at bay with the help of your knife.

Defeat The Hag To Earn A Bonus Reward.

With your doc build sorted, check out the other builds for back 4 blood characters below: How to build the best melee deck. Even though hoffman has decent perks that provide extra ammo, we still need additional boons with that utility.

Acid Spew Leaves Dangerous Bile Pools.

This card lets you use two primary weapons, so you can wave goodbye to walker’s glock. Melee kills heal 2 health. The best way to avoid being devoured is to not rouse the ire of the hag.

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