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Best Muck Seeds. Best 3 muck seeds (1000 chests and admantite + more) watch later. In the latest update, the developer of muck added a new highly powerful weapon:

Muck Best Seeds in Muck for Update 3 Steam Lists
Muck Best Seeds in Muck for Update 3 Steam Lists from

They'll give you quick and easy access to some of the best resources and loot in the game, including gear and weapons. Now simply host a lobby in muck. If you log in to this seed in muck you will be able to begin your journey with a night blade sword.

They'll Give You Quick And Easy Access To Some Of The Best Resources And Loot In The Game, Including Gear And Weapons.

Get a great start in your next run with our best muck seeds! Best muck seeds (update 4) nightblade, speedrun seeds. Sandydude69 aug 5, 2021 @ 3:56am.

The Chest Stands On Top Of A Rock Between The Huts And The Shed To The West Of Spawn.

I don’t know the game muck so i am not sure i am answering this correctly. Then chop down 3 trees, while going towards the second cart (get some close mushrooms too). I made a map of the seed my friend and i play on and figured i’d share it in case someone else likes to play with everything mapped out so that they can plan a run nicely.

Muck Has Quickly Become A Fan Favorite And Has Garnered A Vast Player Base In A Short Period.

They also all have craft tables, so you can craft anytime. To access these seeds, just load the seed numbers in your muck client Best update 4 muck seeds.

Steel Chest Plate, 6 Wood, 7 Iron Ingots, 10 Coal, 7 Mithril Ingots, Anvil.

The spawn area mostly has iron and adamantine available, as well as various types of wood. 106 ratings best seed in muck by gamerbossharmon this will list the some of the best seed in muck 3 award favorite share drugs drugs/378638967 is one of the best seed in the game if you go to the cave near spawn you get night blade the best sword in the game 896066 896066 The map is not 100% correct and not 100% complete.

To Access These Seeds, Simply Load The Seed Numbers Into Your Muck Client.

The are also two carts with six green chests that contain three maps, +2 armor gold boots, and a. There is also a bow and some golden tools inside the chest. Starts near a shed containing a mythril axe, steel sword, and steel pick.

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