Blue Keycard Locations Warzone

Blue Keycard Locations Warzone. There's a blue glow surrounding them, and they are often found behind staircases or around corners. Warzone season 5 saw the opening up of the stadium.

'Warzone' Season 5 blue keycard locations How to access
'Warzone' Season 5 blue keycard locations How to access from

Once you open the third loot chest and complete the contract, a vault key card (cl19) will drop out, pick it up and make your way to floor 31 in nakatomi plaza in warzone. Blue is the only type of card you can actually purchase in game. Use the keycard to open the vault, and again on a deposit box.

Use The Keycard To Open The Vault, And Again On A Deposit Box.

Complete one of three side missions in nakatomi plaza to acquire a keycard. My full guide on how you can unlock the keypad door on the top floor of stadium which is part of the easter egg, inside is high tier loot including more dura. Can be obtained by completing blue keycard puzzles in the water treatment plant, airfield, power plant, and train yard.

There's A Blue Glow Surrounding Them, And They Are Often Found Behind Staircases Or Around Corners.

You can also find a blue keycard in rust in the sewer branch, though this isn’t recommended compared to the other locations mentioned so far as it. Ever since the launch of the 1.20 patch on april 28 th, call of duty: From enemies that looted a keycard

These Are Denoted By The Green 'Keypad' Dots On The Map.

Red keycards will always need you to have a fuse, a blue keycard, and sometimes even a green keycard. There are three warzone blue keycards you can find around the stadium,. These items are only found in.

If You've Been Playing Warzone For A While And Are Familiar With The Red Access Keycards Found In The Warzone Bunkers Aspect Of The Game, Then The P216, Cl19, And El21 Blue Keycards Should Be A.

Free warzone season 5 combat pack: I just opened prison bunk w blue keycard. You can find the blue keycards all around the stadium, and their spawn locations are completely random and different every time you jump into warzone.

Modern Warfare And Warzone, And They Allow Players To.

Warzone have unlocked but players need a keycard to get in. Bunker 11 works differently from the other bunkers you'll find in warzone. These keycards are random spawns in the poi, meaning you will just need to run around and look for them.

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