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Question 19. SURVEY. 180 seconds. Q. Which piece of evidence could BEST be used to prove this claim: The government SHOULD decide what students eat for lunch. answer choices. School lunches, on average have only about 550 calories;however, lunches brought from home have about 850 calories.

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Reasoning is the explanation that connects your claim to the evidence that supports it. It shows why the data you chose counts as evidence. This explanation acts as a “conclusion” of your…

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Claim: Evidence for your claim: • A statement that answers your question Scientific data that support the claim Data need to be appropriate (pictures, graphs, table) Observation Reasoning (how your justifies your • Based on scientific principles • Each piece of may have a different justification for

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evidence and reasoning that this answer (claim) is correct. Meets expectations if student: Chooses the correct answer. Cites evidence from the question itself, an article read in class, or a lab, and uses that to support the answer that they chose. ties the back to the and/or explains why other answers choices are incorrect. Teacher Note:

Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning

Reasoning is the justification linking the claims and supporting evidence. It demonstrates . why. the data you chose is appropriate as evidence. The reasoning often is the “conclusion” of the investigation. demonstrates a clear understanding of the scientific principle(s) investigated and uses accurate, appropriate science vocabulary.

Claims, Evidence, & Reasoning

video of the astronaut confirms this claim. As seen, the water particles, when released from the container stuck together. This reaction formed a circular shape which remained in tact even when the surface was broken. Therefore, the that water will form into a sphere in space is correct.

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The evidence is all of the scientific data that supports your claim. Observations Experimental evidence Facts that led you to make the claim Evidence must be sufficient and relevant to your . Not all data is considered . is the explanation that connects your to the that supports it.

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More Sentence Starters for Your Reasoning. The most logical conclusion that can be drawn from this evidence is that (rephrase your claim) because (your analysis). This is significant because (explain significance in a way that directly relates to the ). The fact that (rephrase ) illustrates that (rephrase your ) because (your …

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Claim Evidence Reasoning. DRAFT. 6th – 8th grade . Played 2 times. 100% average accuracy. Science. 7 hours ago by. mrdavidson. 0. Save. Edit. Edit. Claim Evidence Reasoning DRAFT. … Which of the following should be documented as to support his ? answer choices . The amount of toothpaste used. The shade of teeth before and after …

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CCR.W.1 : Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. WHST.11-12.1.B : Develop claim(s) and counterclaims fairly and thoroughly, supplying the most relevant data and for each while

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