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Access the Report To access the Class Profile report: On the MAP Growth site (, select View Reports and choose MAP Growth Reports from the list.On the Growth screen, select .; Select the data you want to see (varies by role):

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Goal Descriptor shows how this score aligns with NWEA norms percentiles, such as Low or High. Goal RIT Ranges displays a range that accounts for standard error, such as 153-169. Small Group Display:Overrides the summary default and summary data for groups of fewer than ten students with growth test scores. Because summary data …


4OF10 | CLASSPROFILEREPORTGUIDE AUGUST2021 ©NWEA Choosing the correct report The Class Profile report is designed to be a more intuitive and interactive update to the Class report, and can serve as a replacement for the in most cases.

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While viewing any student in the Student Profile report, click Print and Share, and then Batch PDF: … generic projections developed by NWEA appear on the report. … these scores appear on existing , such as , Student Progress, Grade, Achievement Status and Growth, and others. Key differences: …

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10/01/2018 · MAP Accelerator Reports Portfolio. Explore the easy-to-use reports available with MAP Accelerator, an online, personalized learning tool for grades 3–8. Each report is designed to help educators support students as they master skills in math. Topics: Differentiated instruction, Empowering educators, Growth, Insights and , Math & STEM …

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Class Profile Report Beta Release: As the Class Profile report is not yet finalized, there might be a slight time delay in data appearing in the report. Please consult both the Class Report (PDF) as well as the to access the most up-to-date -level assessment data.

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199). The Student Profile report shows the midpoint of the student’s RIT score range. Class Breakdown reports sort students into 10-point RIT bands, based on the midpoint of their instructional area RIT score range. Tips and tricks Test duration: While this only lists test durations of 60 minutes, this column of data will show actual …

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NWEA – Reports After giving an assessment, the first report to retrieve is the Class Report . This report illustrates the percent of students scoring Low/Low Average/Average/High Average/High on the overall test as well as on the individual Goal Performance Areas. You can see any strong and weak areas of your as a whole.

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