Delete Hulu Watch History

Delete Hulu Watch History. Log in to your hulu account. It only replenishes ~50% of the recording time.

How to View and Delete Hulu Viewing History TV To Talk About
How to View and Delete Hulu Viewing History TV To Talk About from

Navigate to keep watching* hover over a show or movie’s thumbnail for more info and options; You can clear your watch history on hulu by removing individual movies and shows, or by clearing your full watch history. On desktop, on the home page you have to hover over keep watching and the all watch history will appear.

Deleting Titles From Your History Is Simple Enough.

Here’s how to delete your hulu. Click the x icon to remove the title from your watch history; You can either go on each viewed history tab and delete the show or, you can click on the remove all videos on the top left corner of the screen to delete your history on hulu as shown in the image below.

I Only Get About The Last Two Months To Load.

Then under manage activity, go to watch history and then click on clear selected. To get more information and options by hovering over the thumbnail of a show or movie. Why does hulu give me back less recording hours than a recently deleted recording used?

How To Delete Or Remove Videos From Hulu Watch History On Web Go To Keep Watching And Click On It.

The fastest way to delete a profile from hulu is by visiting, follow the steps given below once you are there: Tap remove from watch history. Next page hover over recently watched and view all will appear.

To Remove A Show Or A Movie From Your Hulu Watch History Using A Mobile Device, Follow These Easy Steps:

Confirm your choice, or cancel to go back. Then, click the x icon to remove the title from your watch history. Once tapped, the movie or show leaves you watch history and appears as any other title would should you or any shared users come across it in the wild.

That’s All There Is To It.

Open the hulu webpage and navigate to keep watching. Under privacy and settings, select california privacy rights. Your hulu account will appear as if you have just joined up for it after you have erased certain shows or the full history.

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