Discord Mark As Spoiler

Discord Mark As Spoiler. Once you highlight the desired text, a menu will appear on the screen. However, this option is only available for desktop applications and browser discord.

Allow autoembedded links to be hidden when marked as
Allow autoembedded links to be hidden when marked as from github.com

How to use spoiler tags on discord on a computer. It rose to appeal in the past few years owing to its success in the game streaming community. Mark as spoiler option appears right before uploading the file.

To Do This In The Discord Desktop App Or On The Website, Drag And Drop Your File Into The Server Chat, Or Click The Plus Sign (+) Next To The Chat Bar.

Highlight the content to mark it as a spoiler for ios. The first method for how to spoiler on discord is to add spoiler tags to your computers. Sending spoiler message with mark as spoiler icon.

With Spoiler Tags, You Can Mark Individual Parts Of Messages Or The Entire Message As A Spoiler.

Tap on that image, hold it for a second, and then let go of the tap to open up the options window for the photo. How to mark image as spoiler in discord find out how to spoiler an image or message in discord and hide it from the other members in your chat group by using the tags. The spoiler text will now be hidden with a black box.

It’s Simple To Insert A Spoiler Label To Content On The Discord Smartphone Application.

Easy to follow tutorial on creating spoiler text on the discord mobile app. This will mark that portion of the message as a spoiler. Upon selection, a floating bar will.

How To Use Spoilers On Discord:

Additionally, discord offers you the option to mark it as a spoiler when uploading it. Tap and hold the selected image. (see reference in discord documentation), but none are compatible with the triple backticks ` markup to add code color formatting to a snippet of code.

A Preview Of Your Attached File Will Appear Before It’s Sent In The Chat.

Process of marking spoiler on discord mobile. However, applying a spoiler label to photos or videos is a little more challenging. The image you selected should now have entered into the textbox area.

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