Posted: June 17

One of the greatest games of the decade, marred by 3 lengthy exclusivity periods prior to launching on Steam. Scroll to the bottom for a shorter summary + info on port quality and performance.

It would have been fun for Steam players to be a part of the initial launch hype and discussion surrounding this game–see Elden Ring or the Resident Evil series as prime examples. There’s a certain charm to having everyone enjoying a game together at the same time. I wish Steam players could have experienced this game on PC from the beginning alongside PlayStation friends.

Instead they dangled the carrot in front of our noses for years. Before the game even released on PlayStation in early 2020, we saw footage that clearly stated the gameplay was “captured on PC.”

So we knew the PC version has existed for years. We just couldn’t have it until Square finally saw fit to give it to us. And it’s not like they used that extra time to make it an amazing PC port with all the features we love. But I’ll get to that later. First they extended their PS exclusivity deal for the DLC. Then they went and made it an Epic Exclusive when it finally did release on PC. And now here we are, finally on Steam.

This wouldn’t be such a big deal, I suppose…if this wasn’t just part 1 of a 3 part trilogy. And they’ll likely repeat this practice for parts 2 and 3. Expect to have things spoiled by the time those hit Steam. Expect for everyone to tell you whether they’re good or not before you have a chance to form your own fresh opinion. I’m just tired of publishers using PC (and Steam in particular) as a place to chase sales from double/triple dippers instead of treating all of their loyal fans equally, like plenty of other publishers do.

This trend leaves potentially millions of players who waited patiently for the Steam release in a weird place, where they feel like second class citizens.

Do I still recommend the game? Yes. It’s got an amazing story and top notch gameplay. The port itself is functional, but unfortunately a bit bare-bones. It seems to be the same port released on Epic. However, the major stuttering in Sector 7 seems mostly fixed. It is unclear if this is due to a game patch or NVIDIA’s driver fix they posted a short while after the Epic release. No ultra-wide support is disappointing, considering modders had it working within days. Many graphics options are simply not present. But it is far from the worst port they’ve done (ahem…FF13-2).

TLDR: Square needs to take some lessons from Capcom on how to treat their loyal fans. I own every Final Fantasy game on Steam. Would you expect someone to go buy an episode of a TV show on Apple TV if they own all the other episodes on, say, Amazon? No. That would be silly. Their Epic deal was no different. But I’m glad it’s finally here with the rest of the Final Fantasy games in my library.

At the very least, thank you Square Enix for Steam Deck compatibility at launch. That is always welcome.

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