Posted: September 5

Final Fantasy X/X-2…. What can I say about this game you haven’t already heard? I first found this game in the early 2000’s, when I picked up a PS2 at a pawn shop. I was hooked on the story immediately. I had always been a huge fan of the final fantasy series, with the exception of Final Fantasy IX, which I just couldn’t get into due to the weird, cartoonish graphics. Up until I played this game, Final Fantasy XIII was my favorite game, and prior to that, XII was one of my favorites, so I had high hopes for X and later X-2. X did not disappoint, and X-2, while different than X, continued the story in a way I was able to enjoy and immerse myself in once again. When this HD Remastered version came out I purchased it on the PS3 first and played it for hundreds of hours, achieving a perfect ending, then replaying it to see what other endings I could unlock, finally getting all the achievements on the PS3. Later, when the game was released on the PC, I had to have it for my collection, and once again spent weeks playing and replaying it, enjoying it all over again. While the graphics are a little more outdated now, than back in 2003, I still love the game and the Remaster isn’t half bad.

If you crave a rich, interesting, engaging story that draws you into caring for the characters, I think you will absolutely love this game. The game play differs from other final fantasy games with the way you level up your characters, using what is known as a sphere grid. This grid allows you to custom tailor your character, picking and choosing how you want to make them stronger or unlock various abilities and spells. It can be a bit of a pain for some, and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can roll with this weirdness and get into the story and characters, I think you’ll find these aspects tolerable.

The music is great, the graphics are a little dated, but at the time it came out were amazing and the cut scenes, especially the HD Remastered version are breathtaking and hyper-realistic. This is one of those games where if you like it you freaking LOVE IT, and if you don’t, well you’ll look for reasons to complain about it, even if the story is amazing. I say if you are into story-rich, RPG’s where the characters are interesting and the story makes you care about the characters, give it a chance and it might surprise you. If you are more interested in action, and less in story, you probably will get bored or irritated with the pace and puzzles. In any case, I would recommend this game as it is on my list of all time favorites.

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