Posted: June 21

There was so much potential in this game, that it’s hard to not look at the end result with a tiny bit of regret. I feel like most of the flaws could have been fixed by just performing better Q&A or keep working a little longer on everything: The battle system is fine, but they don’t tell you half of what is possible; The music is fantastic, but then the sound mixing is strange with weird cut outs; The characters are great, but then the motivations for some side characters are completely missing; The world is ok, but the size of it seems to mostly exist to waste your time.

The biggest offender, however, is the story and it seems that it was a deliberate choice to not tell half of what is going on in order to get people the watch the anime. That is a real shame, because I think the story is pretty good but it’s just not in the game.

All in all, I would recommend this as the sum of its parts makes it a good game. It is, in my opinion, clearly the worst Final Fantasy in the series while it could have been the greatest with just a little more time and, especially, with a story that is only told within the game.

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