Fix Fortnite Friend List Disappearing Bug

Fix Fortnite Friend List Disappearing Bug. If you’re on a console and the friends’ list is empty, try restarting the game. I unchecked some things in the application settings, toggled them back on, logged out, restarted computer and the friend list was back.

Fortnite splitscreen bug Epic says a fix is on the way
Fortnite splitscreen bug Epic says a fix is on the way from

If the friends list is empty on ps4, xbox one, or nintendo switch, you’ll want to try restarting the game. Not platform dependent because it is the same on pc (i. You can adjust your dns settings which may fix voice chat issues.

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Warzone, a glitch has caused various problems for those trying to invite friends via the list function. How to fix fortnite sound not working on pc. If you see the issue you're experiencing here you'll need to wait for us to release a patch to fix it.

If This Scenario Is Applicable, Follow The Instructions Below To Join An Ongoing Fortnite Party Via Epic Launcher:

What you need to do first, is to restart the epic games launcher and see if your friends’ list is populating by itself or not. But if you force quit the launcher & game through task manager you will be able to see your friends list again. No matter what the cause is, you can solve this fortnite no sound issue easily with our comprehensive guide.

Fortnite Friends List Glitch Disappeared.

Make sure fortnite isn’t muted; I have removed and readded my account done the hard reset. All packs thru jungle adventure except my first pet st.

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The main issue with the glitched friends list is that it does not allow you to see your friends when they are online. Thank you, players, friends and discords confirm, friends list repopulated. Fortnite live issues and bugs.

There Is Now A Suggested Workaround For This Bug And Below Is A Snippet Of The Same To Try Should You Be Facing This Graphics Glitch.

In the meantime, feel free to head back to the fortnite insider home page to check out. Hello, the quest you can see in picture is not going away disappearing from the list since days. Nintendo switch troubleshooting adjust dns settings.

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