Fix Windows 11 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

Fix Windows 11 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working. There is a good chance you will find several drivers ready to install including the synaptics fingerprint sensor drive. 4 in [ pending operations ], change to [ tpm clear ], then save.

How to fix fingerprint sensor not working on Android
How to fix fingerprint sensor not working on Android from

But it says as device started after uninstalling fingerprint via device manager. From control panel (view by: Manufacturers have not submitted all their updated drivers for win 11.

Once Signed In, Go To Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update

I don't now if is a driver problem but when i restart the machine remotly throug rdp and the machine startup again the login screen start blinking and the machine start to make a louder noise and when disable the fingerprint sensor to log in on windows 10 the machine works perfectly Hey guys, just upgraded to windows 11 and noticed that the fingerprint reader is not working, it works for the initial setup and then fails back to the pin login. I have an inspiron 5502, i upgraded it to windows 11, after upgrade fingerprint reader not working, i checked on event viewer.

Please Enable It To Continue.

When i changed to windows 11 it stopped working. But if the ‘fingerprint reader not working’ issue comes after a windows update, you can click view update history. Liquid or dirt on your fingers.

Right Click Goodix Fingerprint And Open Properties.

This is what it says on device status. Once you wash your hands, pat them dry, and try your fingerprint, if it’s working. But still, it shows fingerprint but saying not matching (not recognized).

Follow The Steps And See If It Solves The Fingerprint Sensor Not Working In Windows 11.

Usually, you can fix this problem by installing the missing system updates. Make sure that your fingers are clean because fingerprint scanners need clean figures to read the image on your fingertip that you set to unlock the screen. You can download restoro by clicking the download button below.

Right Click On The Ngc Folder And Select Properties From The Context Menu.

Then click on additional power settings and choose what the power button does. After i installed the drivers device manager showed all devices are installed. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption.

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