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Online Elementary School by FLVS | Grades K-5


Kindergarten-Grade 2 focuses on building a strong number sense, addition and subtraction within 20, place value, measurement and shapes. Grades 3-5 introduce multiplication and division within 100, fractions, decimals, shapes, area, and volume. Lesson 5th grade Lesson

8 Tips for Homeschooling Your Kindergartener – FLVS Online …


By Cara Piper, FLVS Flex Elementary Kindergarten Teacher . As a virtual Kindergarten teacher, I work closely with homeschool families. After spending three years in this role, I’ve seen firsthand what works for students learning at home. Read on for my top tips for home education families with young children! Create a Weekly Schedule & Daily …



23/07/2018 · Near and Big, Far and Small. This video will assist Kindergarten students in understanding that objects near to you look bigger and objects far from you look smaller. . science. _science. _science_9. From admin July 23, 2018 0 0 likes. |. 531 531 plays.

Kindergarten Online | The Virtual Voice – FLVS


FLVS is excited to be introducing a new learning experience as part of FLVS Flex, allowing our youngest students to take online elementary courses anytime during the year. If you have a child in through 5th grade, sign him or her up today for one or more courses to start as early as August 2018.

FLVS – Florida Virtual School | Grades K-12 Online


FLVS (Florida Virtual School) is an accredited, public, e-learning school serving students in grades K-12 online – in Florida and all over the world.

Kindergarten | The Virtual Voice – FLVS


The 2015-16 year for FLVS Flex Elementary students is coming to an end… And what a GREAT year! Our amazing Kindergarten – 5th grade students experience flexible and fun learning in a way that suits them. As a teacher, being a part of this amazing program has offered all kinds of opportunities to grow and connect.



23/07/2018 · Text and Illustrations. This video will help kindergarten students to understand text and illustrations match and work together to give the reader information. kindergarten. english. _english. _english_6. From admin July 23, 2018 0 0 likes.



Pushes and Pulls. This video will assist Kindergarten students in understanding that big/little pushes/pulls can make objects move fast/slow. kindergarten. science. kindergarten_science. _science_6. From admin July 19, 2018 0 0 likes.

FLVS Flex | Online Learning for Public, Private …


FLVS Flex. FLVS Flex offers freedom in the form of online Kindergarten-12th grade subjects with courses tailored to your needs. Study when and where you want – at home from the comfort of your couch, during a free period at school, or while traveling over summer break. Whether you’re a homeschooler or a traditional public or private school …

About FLVS – Online Courses for Students in Grades …


Florida Virtual School (FLVS) has been leading the way in Kindergarten-12 online education for more than 22 years. FLVS provides a robust, award-winning curriculum to public, private, charter, and homeschool families and school districts nationwide. Founded in 1997, , the district, and its schools are accredited by Cognia and offer …

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