Genshin Impact Qingxin Flower Location

Genshin Impact Qingxin Flower Location. Qingxin flower grows at higher elevations in liyue, but you’ll. The flowers grows on the elevated areas, you can found qingxin plants on the top of the moutains.

Genshin Impact How to Get Qingxin Flower & What They're
Genshin Impact How to Get Qingxin Flower & What They're from

For that, you’ll need qingxin flowers which can be rather difficult to find. If you are a regular genshin impact player, then you must have the urge to collect qingxin, which can be used to ascend some of the playable characters of the game, such as xiao and ganyu. Many can notably be found in minlin and wuwang hill.

There Are More In The Mountains Between Jueyun Karst And Wangshu Inn

If you’re experienced with genshin impact, chances are you already know. The qingxin only grow in the liyue area. Guide includes locations, how to farm, & where to get qingxin seed.

The Plant Is Generally Located On Top Of Mountains, So Finding Them Can Be A Little Daunting At First.

Simply teleport to these locations using the waypoints and glide your way towards the peaks. I may missed some of known locations intentionally. If you haven’t exactly been harvesting every piece of qingxin you come across, you’d be forgiven.

However, Like All Genshin Impact Ascension Materials, Players Will Need To Farm The Game’s.

Genshin impact qingxin flower locations guide (where to farm qingxin) you will soon be looking for qingxin flowers to ascend ganyu and later xiao. In the video, you will find the locations of 54 qingxin flowers. Genshin impact qingxin flower is a rare and valuable plant you’ll need plenty of if you want to level up some of liyue’s finest characters.

Simply Teleport To These Locations Using The Waypoints And Glide Your Way Towards The Peaks.

The qingxin flowers are found right by the waypoint, so finding that is a must. I don't claim this farming route to be completed in 4 or 5 minutes. Directly west of the waypoint is a climbable rock structure.

When You Pick Her Up, You’ll Likely Want To Work Towards Leveling Her To Bring Her Up To Speed With Your Other Characters.

Instead, i'm trying to help out the community with easiest and safest location to pick 54 qingxin flowers. This flower mainly grows on the mountaintops and the peaks. The qingxin is a liyue specialty.

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