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The noun der Laden usually refers to a shop, but is often used in a slang way to indicate any kind of business or even a specific project. The noun der Trab, which is a nominalization of the verb traben, means “trot” as in “a horse breaks into a trot.” To bring den Laden auf Trab thus refers to bringing their ” operation up to speed.”

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Correct conduct with colleagues and customers, how to master difficult situations, the correct tone to use in letters and e-mails, table manners – for than 36 tips for business culture, job application and etiquette with speaking partners, Knigge

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27/01/2017 · To rely on only one thing to bring success. It’s not smart to invest in American tech stocks only and put all one’s eggs in one basket. Put the cart before the horse. To do or think about things in the wrong order. Trying to find an investor without having a plan is like putting the cart before the horse.

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The ultimate glossary of German idioms and their English translations Welcome to our ultimate glossary of German idioms and their English translations! Here you will find more than 700 idioms used in -speaking countries, and their English meanings. For a bit of fun, we’ve also provided the literal translations.

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This process helps ensure a firm understanding of the German language. Levels of difficulty. There are three levels of difficulty. The Beginner level provides an introduction to German and offers a solid foundation to build on. The Intermediate level provides more challenging words. Advanced is for students with a firm understanding of basic .

Some German Business Idioms – Yabla German – Free German …

This week’s dramatic installment of the German TV series Mama arbeitet wieder has some good examples of German idioms in a context that makes them easy to understand.Let’s take a quick look! BANNER PLACEHOLDER. Kann sich der Grünschnabel erst mal die Hörner abstoßen.. The greenhorn can first shed his horns.. Caption 30, Mama arbeitet wieder – Kapitel 4: Die Trennung

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21/06/2019 · A third time, cover the German and read the English version; then task yourself, as in a dictation, with writing the sentence in German. Keep in mind that the symbol ß (as in heiß ) stands for a double “s, ” and remember correct word order , …

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