her tears were my light

Posted: September 28

It’s a short, sappy story about girls falling in love. If you’re not into that, there probably isn’t a whole lot for you here then. I really like it though.

Originally released in 2016, it used to be free, but with the release of the Steam version, it now costs money (both on Steam and itch.io). And while I would normally have a bone to pick with developers and publishers who do that, I’m giving this one a pass since the price tag is very low and the content itself is, in my opinion, worth it.

I probably shouldn’t be saying much about “Her tears were my light,” since the visual novel is super short to begin with and talking extensively about it could give the whole story away. But to go a little more into detail, as the description suggests, this is a love story about the physical manifestations of time and space. The main gimmick of the visual novel is that, since you follow Time’s perspective, you can rewind time to change the future. That’s cleverly done through actually rewinding the text and restarting the story from the beginning. That’s about all I can say about that before I start getting into spoiler territory, so I’ll just finish it off by saying it gets pretty sappy.

That’s about it honestly. I think it’s a very cute story worth the asking price, even if the length is 30 minutes or less. Also, just to add, I’m super glad and super excited that Nami is bringing some of her games over to Steam. I hope they get more attention, because she makes some really cute and heartwarming games. I wish her all the best in her endeavors.

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