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30 seconds. Q. ____________________ was the first religion in India in which people were divided into each varna and had to serve their duties in order to be reborn into a higher class. answer choices. .

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Dharma in Buddhism is exactly the same as the Hindu doctrine of dharma. false Like many religions Buddhism depends on a revelation from the divine for its truths.

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Q. This is the symbol of which world religion? answer choices. Hinduism. Sikhism. Buddhism. Islam. Tags: Question 3.

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2. What is the difference between Buddhism and other religions? The key point by which Buddhism differs from other religions is that Buddhism does not believe in the existence of a Personal God who creates, controls, and governs the life of all sentient beings, including human beings. In the view, suffering or happiness is not

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Hinduism and Buddhism. Christianity and Buddhism. Buddhism and Taoism. Hinduism and Judaism. 2. What is defined as liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth? heaven. moksha. karma. Valhalla.

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Karma. God’s choice. Random circumstances. Karma determines the conditions of your present life in Hinduism. Karma is the accumulation of good and …

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15/01/2022 · the worship in Hinduism is associated with idols. The most popular worship in Hinduism includes: 1- Puja: Ritual worship, especially of the deity. 2- Arti: The greeting ceremony with lamps, etc. 3- Bhajan or Kirtan: Hymns and chants (often during Arti).You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. ! You need to enable JavaScript to run

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Hinduism is one of the six official religions of Indonesia. Hinduism came to Indonesia in the 1st-century through traders, sailors, scholars and priests. A syncretic fusion of pre-existing Javanese folk religion, culture and ideas, … Kids’ Books : Target Jan 03, 2002 · An American essayist, poet, and popular philosopher,

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