How To Unlock Secret Stash Hades

How To Unlock Secret Stash Hades. Where to find secret stashes in hades to unlock the set of secret stashes you need to progress in building up a good alliance with the characters. House of hades, various underworld locations

Hades How to Unlock Secret Stashes
Hades How to Unlock Secret Stashes from

On top of being a thrilling roguelike, hades is full of compelling narratives and unique mysteries to discover — one mystery, in particular, being the two locked doors in the house of hades. Pretty sure that's a god you haven't met yet, because you can't meet them until you've at least met the final boss once. The last one on the bottom row.

As You May Already Know, You Get Keepsakes Cabinet When You Give Nectar Jars To Npcs And Get Companions Or Keepsakes.

Upgrade zagreus aspect of the sword to level 5 and then kill skelly with it. After that, you can unlock the true ending by maxing relationships. Hades is available now on pc and switch.

Unlocking The Secret Stashes In Hades.

If you're wondering how to unlock the secret stashes in hades, we've got you covered. They are additional actives beside your keepsakes. Codiak breaks down every keepsake in the game and share.

Where To Find Secret Stashes In Hades To Unlock The Set Of Secret Stashes You Need To Progress In Building Up A Good Alliance With The Characters.

Then you can gift him ambrosia. Oddly, no one in the house seems to be aware of his existence besides zagreus and achilles. Previously a spinning red coin.

Getting All Companions In Hades At The Time Of Writing, There Are A Total Of Six Companions Available In.

Here’s how to unlock the secret charon boss fight in hades: Talk to him about means of escaping. Hades secret stashes can be unlocked when you go further in your relationship with the main characters that you can romance.

They Are Unlocked By Increasing Your Relationships With The Right People, By Having Conversations With Them And Giving Them Nectar And Eventually Ambrosia.

Last edited by lorska ; You can do it by gifting them a jar of nectar , and by completing some of the tasks that they ask you. You can get 4 of them waaaay later from specific people you get close to.

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