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ios – kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Code=310 “(null)” – Stack …


This could be related to an invalid/compromised certificate. I received the same error code (310) when making an upload request through the simulator while running charles proxy. –



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This is typically due to the network that the host and/or players are on is interrupting websockets connections. Go to test.kahoot.it and see if the following tests fail on host and/or player devices: Access to game server (.it) Proxy testing



02/03/2011 · Closed as program error. Error description. Error message ‘SQLCODE = -310, ERROR: DECIMAL HOST VARIABLE OR PARAMETER 3 CONTAINS NON-DECIMAL DATA’ may occur when editing XML. KEYWORD SQLCODE310 Local fix. Problem summary ***** * USERS AFFECTED: Users of DB2 Table Editor.

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Kahoot not working when signed into Chrome – Edugeek


26/06/2017 · After investigating your issue wherein a teacher is unable to access Kahoot whenever he uses his G suite account, I have found no similar cases that could help us. So, as basic troubleshooting, please have the teacher do the following and see if they solve his issue: 1. Clear cache and cookies of Chrome.

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24/11/2020 · As it turns out, you can also expect to encounter thee -310 error code in instances where you’re currently connected to a filtered network that is effectively blocking connections belonging to Steam, Origin, Battle.net, and other gaming platforms like this.

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Maybe your url https://kahoot.it/rest/challenges/pin/ in the code is out of date because, because if you type it directly into the browser it throws an error, maybe I have to change it to https://play..it/reserve/session/pin/, although it still doesn’t help me. Maybe you can record a video on how to do it right?

How to handle SQL code -310 -IBM Mainframes


01/11/2006 · DB2: How to handle SQL code -310? Hey Chaitra, Hope this will be helpful…. -310: DECIMAL HOST VARIABLE OR PARAMETER number CONTAINS NON-DECIMAL DATA SQLSTATE: 22023 Explanation: DB2 received nondecimal data from either an application (in the form of a host variable), function or a stored procedure (in the form of a parameter that was passed to or …

ios – kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Code=310 “(null)” – Stack …


This is Objective-C to Swift conversion, and the Objective-C version has no problem with this (using UIWebView, which was my original implementation before trying WKWebView… same ). To be clear, this is a QA environment.

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