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Keepsake Hades. Keepsakes in hades are items that can be equipped and grant you some kind of perk. In return for ambrosia, these characters, discussed above, will give zagreus an accessory known as a keepsake.

Hades Where to Harvest Nectar CBR
Hades Where to Harvest Nectar CBR from

In addition to keepsakes, there are legendary keepsakes, which grant you companions that can be summoned during a run. The boon from each god looks different, which should help you avoid gifting the same god over and over again. To unlock all 16 keepsakes, you'll need to collect ambrosia and gift it to different gods in hades.

By Virtue Of This, You Will Receive A Boon During Battle.

So this one is pretty simple one, but i was wondering people's opinion of the best keepsake for fighting hades. Most of the boons are nothing new to me, but i'm not an expert on some of the best builds for sure. How to unlock best keepsake in hades

Keepsakes Can Make Or Break Your Run In Hades, And With Just A Little Knowledge Comes A Lot Of Power!

Persephone's keepsake, possibly the most powerful in game is the pom blossom, which upgrades (levels up) a random boon after several encounters have passed (6 is the base value, but this. Keepsakes are items in hades that zagereus can acquire from various characters throughout the game by repeatedly giving them nectar. Unlocking the secret stashes in hades.

In Addition To Keepsakes, There Are Legendary Keepsakes, Which Grant You Companions That Can Be Summoned During A Run.

By selecting “g” first, you can gift ambrosia before accepting the boon from gods like ares or poseidon. These are special items that are granted to you by the various characters in the game that improve your stats and abilities in many different ways. How to unlock the something from everyone achievement in hades:

There Are Over A Dozen Keepsakes In Hades That Provide Players With A Range Of Benefits.

Once you’ve gotten your first keepsake in the game by giving a jar of nectar to an npc, you’ll unlock the. Keepsakes can sometimes mean all the difference in hades, as they provide zagreus with powerful effects that can either make him. The broken spearpoint is a keepsake, which you can equip in the training room in the house of hades.

In This Hades Guide, We Cover Three Related Items That Rank Among The Most Useful In The Game:

Nectar basically being a contraband drug in hades. These can be increased hp, damage reduction, increased ranged damage, among many others. To unlock all 16 keepsakes, you'll need to collect ambrosia and gift it to different gods in hades.

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