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Posted: October 31

How to run on steam deck

The issue with the PC port is that the game maxes out your gpu each frame which is terrible for performance and battery. For example, the game was maxing out my 3060 on PC and heated my Steam deck to high heaven. Here is how to make the performance better on PC and run amazing on the Steam deck. This fix should also work for other Gust PC ports like Sophie and Blue Reflection, but some might not launch.

1. Google “atelier fix” and look for doitsujin on github. Should be one of the top results.
2. Open local files in the game’s properties and extract the fix to where the exe is. (Rest of the guide is for steam deck only)
3. Look up how to get the latest GE Proton, there are several guides and it will help get better performance out of most titles on the deck.
4. Set the in-game settings to medium. The game has an issue with saving the settings, so you may have to enter the game, save, and return to title screen. I eventually got it to work, but it was strangely resistant to saving. It might be a steam cloud issue, so playing the game for a bit after changing the settings might do it.
5. Hit the “…” button and bring up the performance tab. Toggle on per game settings and set the deck to 40hrz. The game runs totally fine at 40fps, it gets you a much longer battery and the vent won’t kill you anymore. Stable 40 is also way better than unstable 60 in some of the larger areas.

If you could do me a favor, please hit “no” when steam asks you if “verified” is a good description for the game. Gust/KT really need to improve their PC ports or hire the person who made the fix cause this game does not deserve to be labeled as “great on the deck” without the fix.

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