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Monkas Meaning Twitch. A good example would be a streamer playing a horror game when the scary moments are coming up. This is for example the case when a situation in a game becomes dangerous or threatening.

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It can also be used as mock worry. Also know the difference between monkas vs monkaw in gaming. If you see monkas be prepared for a jump scare!

Monkas Is A Twitch Tv Emote Featuring An Illustration Of Pepe The Frog Appearing Frightened While Sweating, Which Is Typically Used In Twitch Chat During Moments Of High Tension In Video Game Matches To Express Anxiety.

It is based on an emote uploaded by twitch user monkasen (monkasenpai at the time) to the better twitch tv extension. The uploader would add the words “monkas” to the emote, and it stuck. “monkas” means that something is tense and is putting the viewers on edge.

This Is Why The Twitch Chat Often Spams Monkas When An Anxious Or Scary Situation Is Going On During The Stream.

The original monkas emote is an abbreviation for monkascared. *fortnite, solo squads epic clutch *. Monkas, for example, is frequently.

The Emote Or Meme Featuring Pepe The Frog And The Caption,.

Monkas (or monkas as it’s sometimes spelled) is a popular twitch emote. What is the meaning of “monkas”? Monkas is a term used in twitch chat to express someone’s fear, nervousness, or anxiety.

Depending On The Situation, The Emote Can Also Be Used Ironically.

The emote has been used over 102 million times and it is one of the most popular emotes of 2020. In the sense of sweating due to anxiety or due to stress in a specific situation. The search found the following results for you:

The Monkas Emote Is Mostly Used On The Streaming Platform Twitch And Is Always Used When Viewers Are Worried Or Scared.

The browser extension named bettertwitchtv or frankerfacez enables twitch viewers to post emotes that aren’t available in twitch itself. Monkas and monkaw can be used interchangeably and twitch chat usually uses the emote during tense moments. The monkas word meaning (91% relevancy chance) the monkas emote doesnt show up for me (83% relevancy chance)

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