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New World Change Starting Area. Starting locations in new world. Once you reach beach go to the watchtower, talk with npc just once then don’t accept new quest.

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First light, windsward, monarch’s bluffs and everfall, but it is not possible to choose which one you will appear on. The starting areas in new world are randomly rolled for each player after the tutorial. Changing the region you wish to browse is as simple as clicking the currently selected region.

Changing The Region You Wish To Browse Is As Simple As Clicking The Currently Selected Region.

You have two options for this. You can run anywhere within a few minutes, so i tend to hit mb, ef, and ww as soon as i complete the initial quest set and they show yellow quest icons. Some of the biggest reasons for changing worlds are to play on the same server as friends or because of connection issues.

The Best Starting Areas In New World And When To Change Cities For Good!

Now, you will have to go and turn in the tutorial quest. New world offers players a beautifully realized world with breathtaking scenery and engaging combat. When you first start the game you will be given the option to create a character but also to view the list of servers (referred to as worlds) in a given geographical region.

Once You've Joined A Server And Created Your Character You Play Through A Brief Prologue, And Then The Game Randomly Spawns You Into One Of Its Four Starting Locations.

You’ll wake up, travel along an area, come across an npc, and do a tutorial on crafting basics and combat basics. How to join friends at the beginning of the game 1. Once you’ve completed the new world tutorial, you spawn at one of the beaches, and are tasked with handing in your quest to the npc by the.

After Update 1.0.3 Implemented Free Server Transfers Earlier This Month, This Latest New World Update Is Aimed Squarely At Fixing Common Gameplay Issues.

These new world starting zones are: What's changed in the latest new world update? Which is the best starting zone to get in new world?

How To Play The New World Starting Area With Friends.

On a full launch server that's going to be nearly impossible to predict. Take part in the tutorial where you have to defeat captain thorpe in the game. The update also includes some big changes to the starting experience, as well as faction token limits, housing, and more.

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