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*Other pauses: To pause on the student device, type: Ctrl+Shift+P (or Ctrl+Shift+L) and enter the PIN from your console. For information about the automatic pause from rapid guessing, see Test Engagement and Rapid Guessing on page 13 . End of Testing Before you can begin another testing session, you must end the first session. You can run only

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08/05/2018 · Information. Introduction. What happens when you leave a test paused for 25 minutes or more? Information. If a test is left paused for 25 minutes or more, it will be suspended automatically. To allow the student to resume the test, see How to resume a test.



Pause, Suspend, or Terminate To control a student’s test, select the student and choose from the Select Action menu: Action Duration Follow-up Action What to Expect Pause* Up to 25 minutes Resume –Student must resume from the same device –Test will continue with the next question –After 25 minutes, the test becomes suspended Up to 28 days

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Click Select Action, choose Suspend, and click OK when prompted. Students click the OK prompt. Before students leave, ask them to close down (click the X at top). When ready, click End Testing Session. When prompted, click Save and Exit. Note: Students must …

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02/10/2020 · Awaiting Student: Skip ahead to step 3 to have the student launch the testing app. Suspended: Go to the Select Action menu and choose Test Again. This will change the students status to Awaiting Student. Have the student launch …

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As verbs the difference between suspend and pause is that suspend is to halt something temporarily while pause is to interrupt an activity and wait. As a noun pause is a temporary stop or rest; an intermission of action; interruption; suspension; cessation.

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what to do. If a student continues to rapid-guess multiple times, the test will pause again. Short tests like Screening have a total of 2 pauses and longer tests like MAP Growth have a total of 3 with the final at the rapid‑guessing threshold (30% of …

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30/04/2016 · the kb states that the VM will release memory and not use any CPU cycles when in a paused state, same as a suspended VM. however suspending will allow you to actually close parallels desktop and restart your mac. a VM in a state will be reset if you close parallels and/or restart your mac.

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01/11/2020 · To suspend a virtual machine, do one of the following: Choose Suspend from the Actions menu or; Click the Suspend button in the Parallels Desktop toolbar. You can see the progress of saving the virtual machine’s state. Warning: If you edit the configuration of a suspended virtual machine, you will not be able to resume this virtual machine.

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NWEA platform is designed to allow for unexpected occurrences without impacting the accuracy of test results. In cases where a proctor is unable to ‘pause’ or ‘suspend’ a student’s test, such as power outages, platform glitches, and testing …

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