Rob The Valentine Doctor Rdr2

Rob The Valentine Doctor Rdr2. How to rob the valentine doctor cleanly. I started finally playing rdr2 not too long ago and have been enjoying myself but like many it seems i decided to try many over and over to do the robbery without getting a bounty.

Red Dead Redemption 2 ROB the Valentine Doctor Back Room
Red Dead Redemption 2 ROB the Valentine Doctor Back Room from

I rob the register and have him open the back room. Right out side that door place your horse there facing the. It is located in valentine in the state of new hanover in the town's center.

There Are Three Ways To Become Aware Of The Backroom Operation At The Doctor's Office:

Of course it seems like it is impossible until a couple of minutes ago when the gaming gods decided to award. The bank was founded in 1861 and is the only bank in the state of new hanover. The cleanest way to rob the doctor in valentine requires only one pre placed horse.

I Tried, Fire, Dynamite, Gunfire, Aiming My Gun At The Teller, Killing Everyone, And Still No Luck.

Cheap gta 5 shark cards & more games: The valentine doctor has a dark & creepy secret you don't know about in red dead redemption 2! Be sure to do so while wearing a mask to lower the risk of losing honor and flee as.

Valentine Doctor’s Side Business Is The First You’ll Come Across In The Game.

After acquiring second holster from micah in blessed are the. Red dead redemption 2 did an amazing job in this bank robb. Take the money on the table and the hooker picks up the gun.

I Go In And Dead Eye The 3 Goons.

Can arthur get with mary? I’ve done quite a lot of testing to find out what the problem was before reloading my save. Go back to the valentine doctor and aim your weapon at him.

Robbing The Valentine Doctor Backroom Business Success.

Rob valentine doctor side business and bounty to be able to open the steel door at valentine doctor’s store you need to knock on one of the doors. I knocked on the back iron door, looked in the window and held the doctor up at gun point where i had an option to rob the register or go to the back room, he took me in and i killed the dudes there stole a. I go in and put on my mask and then point the gun.

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