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Posted: May 31

Usually i’m not leaving reviews for this type of games, but since there is only one ♥♥♥♥♥♥ misleading review in english, i’ll do it. TLDR – game is great, decent translation, H without censorship, has a dark themed plot and bugs (if they apppear at all) don’t really bother that much.

Game is actually better than i initially thought. What felt like a basic platformer in reality turned out as above average even among non R18 platformers (i can’t say this is positive, but you can enjoy it purely for gameplay as well)
Main draw of this game, though, is atmosphere (created with some amazing dark visuals and melancholic music ) It has a plot, a little predictable if you’re well versed in this genre, but still good (i don’t remember seeing any games like this on steam, or maybe there are like one or two and i just don’t remember)
English translation is… bearable. It isn’t bad, it’s quite simple to understand and it’s definitely not a machine translation. There are some grammatical errors, but as i said it’s not a big deal
H stuff. There is no Mosaics in animations (and there is a total of 13 animations with CG and in game sprites, both present in a gallery) there is also 12 static memory CGs, which are mostly plot related and there are 3 H-ones (one is censored, maybe developer forgot about it, or maybe didn’t bothered to work with images as well)
After you clear the game you can come back to any previous stages and collect missed memories (CG in stage 6 is impossible to reach until you unlock “climb” skill)
As for bugs… well i experienced 2 bugs in my entire playthrough. game have freezed when i entered memory room and another time game crashed, if i’m not mistaken also during room transition (simple solution – save before them)
Now, is it worth it? with a current 15% discount, i think it is. And even without it, i still think it’s worth it. Lately simple puzzle games cost you even more while this one brings some fresh experience

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