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Posted: November 17

Early Access Review

Great game with even greater potential, as it is currently in very early release stage. I have just about 13 minutes played but I have been waiting for the game to be released. I bought it within a few minutes from the notification that the game got released in early access. I will definitely be playing a lot more of it. Gotta go to work first though. Highly recommend.
Update: The more I play, the more I like it. For an Alpha stage, there is quite a few things to do in the game.

Note: I know that it looks kinda dumb to recommend a game by only playing 13 minutes, however, I really do think the game is really good. It looks amazing graphics-wise and the gameplay is pretty good, too. It may need some optimizations but it is running pretty okay for now. No crashes at all, yet. A bunch of things to do considering the early stage, and it also supports DLSS. There are a few barely noticeable bugs/glitches(only visual for now) but that is expected at the current stage.

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