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Posted: August 3

This is a ruthless and frightening game. Possibly Frictional Games’ best so far in terms of ambition, design and plot. (Not necessarily their most streamlined one, that one would be “Soma” and that’s why it’s still so popular).

First of all I would recommend playing it with a DualShock controler or similar. The fear and the “safety”/”health” system works much, much better when you can feel it with your own hands.

Secondly, it may not be obvious at first glance but the several stages of Tasi’s adventure/progress are expertly designed and well-thought. I wasn’t able to grasp the whole thing on my first playthrough due to the effin game being so demanding and brutal. After finishing and reflecting on some levels you can understand when is it that you were supposed to feel danger, when is it you were supposed to feel wonder, when gloom or sadness… and it worked every single time /scene/reveal.

Some plot twists are like nods to other games and films. This old school, almost literary feeling doesn’t bother me at all: the game is so frikin scary and violent that these clichĂ©s may come as a short-lived relief in an otherwise dark, utterly terrifying game.

On the other hand, it’s not true that you cant die in this game : if you die you actually lose the opportunity to “solve” a puzzle or to survive to a chase, so if you want to see the whole game you’d better buckle up cause it’s not going to be easy.

With its blend of different genres (sci-fi, adventure, HORROR) “Amnesia: Rebirth” is a mature, demanding game that marks a new and welcome stage in Frictional Games’ evolution. It is definitely one of those games that demands several playthroughs to comprehend and absorb every layer of gaming experience and plot that are happening at once.

All in all, a very satisfying experience. My 2nd playthrough was more unsettling than the first, and also more enlightening. The more you fear, the more you know. There’s nothing else I can say.

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