Steam Community :: Among Trees

Posted: November 1

Like many others have said, I wish Steam had a neutral option. It’s not that I don’t recommend this game, but I wouldn’t recommend it to the masses. If you’re looking for a chill, pretty, and peaceful game – this is for you. Everything about it is pretty – the music, the atmosphere, the scenery, etc. The only ‘but’ is, there isn’t really a main premise. You’re not trying to escape, find a way out, or aiming to find something/someone, you just decided to up and leave everything to start living in the middle of the forest. Although I’m sure that’s some people’s real life dreams, it doesn’t always make for the most interesting of games. For me, I found collecting blueprints and building up my house fun until I filled up my storage boxes with stuff and ran out of things I needed to progress, which happened a lot quicker than I would have liked and a cute little fox following me around only kept me going for so long after that point. Overall, it was cute and if you want a chill game to play for a short time and this is on sale, try it out.

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