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Posted: October 24

I don’t know how to write a proper review so here are my ratings on each part of the game I guess

combat (stealth): at first while killing with the hidden blades I felt detached for a second as it went into a short cutscene but I got used to it pretty quick. Sometimes while killing the guards on the roof when you sprint you’ll just fall off because you’re standing on the body that’s moving down. I also don’t like how drop assassinations give notoriety and alert guards as it doesn’t really make any sense when they are dead. 9/10

combat (non-stealth/open): you’ll either be spamming left click or once you learn how to counter kill you’ll be able to insta-kill most guards once you master the timing. (8/10)

parkour: parkour is pretty smooth as it has a lock-on feature but also balances it so that it doesn’t become like a lock. The only weird thing is that sometimes when trying to climb up, I’ll randomly jump off the building I’m on and die instead of going up (9.5/10)

collectables (and other stuff): I’m not much of a completionist but I still did all the assassin tombs, maxed the villa and got all the codex pages before I realized they were mandatory to continue. However, I did not do the feathers because getting 100 feathers is much harder than 30 codex pages and the reward is actually detrimental to you as you get notoriety everywhere you go lol. (8/10)

story: I’m not much of a story guy and it was a little hard trying to understand what the templars are as a first-time player but overall still kind of understandable (no comment)

graphics: I also don’t care for graphics as long as they’re not an eyesore so there’s not much to say, the game kind of draws a line between style and realism but still more on the realism. (no comment)

Overall rating for me: 9/10

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