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Posted: August 27

I played this game Just out of pure curiosity that how an ancient Egypt would look and feel like. Given what we read in our education about ancient culture and locations, seeing them in life like representation is amazing.
Assassin Creed Origin is Excellently successful in delivering this ancient culture’s architectural and social uniqueness. Aside from Assassin Creed franchisees gameplay, I want to especially express about how good the old Egypt is represented in this game. We can see that how the whole Egypt is built around stream of River and beside the Sea, there are Farms, small water channels and body of water representing old civil technologies. As we move towards the inner region of town we can see the most beautiful Columns, walls and palace, Engraved with most unique painting and glyphs of that time. Halls are Big, pillars are Tall and colourful. Statues of sun gods are correctly placed, Expressing the Egyptian Beliefs on Gods. Streets are crowded with people, Cats, Dogs and Cows, showing the Respect of Peoples towards the animals. We are not even even meant to harm these entities by our player. The Ways of life of peoples in that era is represented by what role they play in society, which nicely integrates with gameplay regarding Buy, Sell and Upgrade of weapons and items. As we move deeper in the level we see the Amazing Landmarks of Pyramids at the centre of the desert. It was exciting to explore the pyramids and ancient tombs given that we can’t do this in current time of the world. Climbing the Huge pyramid and watching the old Egyptian city was amazing experience.

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