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Posted: June 23

I recommend the game 100% it’s really fun and I just love it in general..
I just hope that the developers of the game do read this because I have a few things to say and ask of them.

1) I really hope the developers add an even harder difficulty setting to the game.. for example a like very hard difficulty.. I’ve played a while and it feels like there really isn’t a point in increasing the character level cap to level 200 because there isn’t really much difficulty to the game that makes it something you need.. and it makes the game super easy, I’ve been playing this game on the hardest difficulty after beating it and stuff and even being on the hardest difficulty isn’t enough.. because my level 200 characters are so powerful they make it look like I’m playing the game on the easiest difficulty.

2) I want more characters to play as.. DLC or not.. I just hope the developers add new characters to play as in the game.. there’s more non-playable characters than playable characters.. here are my ideas for new characters
Playable Character Idea 1) retrofit Yuudachi! I would love to play as Yuudachi.
Playable Character Idea 2) retrofit San Diego! now this one may seem like.. why? San Diego is a non-playable character in the game well.. that’s the thing, I really love San Diego and I wish I could play as her in the game instead of her being non-playable.
Playable Character Idea 3) retrofit Chang Chun. the destroyer class ship who uses missiles instead of torpedoes.
Playable Character Idea 4) retrofit An Shan. the only other destroyer ship like Chang Chun who also uses Missiles.
Playable Character Idea 5) IJN Ibuki. One Of The pr series 1 Ships just like Neptune.
Playable Character Idea 6) IJN Kitakaze. One Of The pr series 2 ships in Azur Lane and one of the only destroyer class pr ships I’ve seen.
Playable Character Idea 7) retrofit Shigure. another character I like other than San Diego, Yuudachi, and Yukikaze.
Playable Character Idea 8) IJN Izumo. another Pr series 1 ship a.. battleship if I remember correctly.
I’ll just leave it like that.. so it’s not wayy too many characters I have plenty of more character ideas but I have other suggestions for the game I have to get to.

3) More Game Modes Or More Battles, like for example more extreme battles. This Idea Of Mine Is Pretty basic but also I was thinking what if the game had a survival mode? just endless waves of nonstop enemies and you just fight for as many waves as you can before all your characters die and you lose and after each wave you can.. I don’t know like choose buffs? Example: Wave 1 Finished! I’m Gonna Choose This Buff “Friendly Planes Will Fly Into The Field Every So Often And Deal Damage To The Enemy (Damage Is Based On The Character That Is Being Controlled By The Player)” now that would be fun!! I would love that! I’d probably even play this game daily if the developers added a game mode like that!
4) This One Is Only A Small Idea Nothing Big.. If The Developers Are reading Don’t Have To.. But My Idea Is Even More Enemies In the battles.. so many enemies it’s overwhelming.. not extremely overwhelming but just a good amount of overwhelming combat That it’s Still Fun. Don’t Get Me Wrong It’s Fine How It Is.. But I want difficulty I want something overwhelming.. I want combat that has like so many enemies that it gets me to the point where I’m like breathing heavily like “phew omg! there are so many enemies I need to defeat alright I got this..” ya know? or maybe make it where depending on the difficulty setting the player has selected will add even more enemies than there were. Easiest Difficulty It’ll Be Like How It Is right Now Easy Barely Anything There, But on Hardest Difficulty it’ll be like a super extreme amount of enemies and maybe even random enemies will come into the battle like the normal characters just like Azur Lane! you randomly fight certain characters like Yukikaze or something but they’re like basic enemy not a boss type enemy.
5) maybe add even more items and gear and stuff more weapons and auxiliary gear etc. etc.
6) Maybe have two different things like singleplayer mode and multiplayer mode or something like 2-3 player co-op all players can choose a character to play as and just play any of the game modes together and if there are only 2 players playing together the host can choose any character to have as a just normal AI teammate to fight with you, I would love that!
7) Maybe make the non-playable characters more useful than just for their skills.. in Azur Lane the non-playable characters actually had a purpose they would attack the enemy from afar. ya know? so in this maybe make it like whatever non-playable characters you have chosen for example let’s say you have a battleship, then every so often they will fire a barrage at a random enemy. Aircraft carriers: every so often they will launch airstrikes to deal damage on every enemy on the battlefield. submarine: they will fight with you like a normal playable character but they will be underwater attacking the enemy with their torpedoes and what not.
8) again with the making non-playable characters useful also make it where you can change their gear give them different gear and stuff. I have thousands of different items and gear in the game that are completely useless because you can only equip the items onto the playable characters and I don’t even use the gear or I just can’t because I can’t equip anymore gear onto them.
9) Add Skins For the characters! I would love to play as my characters and give them custom skins and give them skins for when you get and use the promise ring for your characters.

That’s About All Of It Pretty Much.
Now Again If You’re One Of The Developers Of The Game.. Please.. I Beg You.. Add These Ideas Into The Game If Not Atleast Consider And Think About Adding These Things Into The Game. I love this game a lot and would really love it if there was more to the game! especially these specific ideas. If You Are The Developers And If You Do See And read this And you do add all of this into the game I will thank you so much and I would be really really happy!!

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