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Posted: October 13

The day we’ve all been patient for, the long awaited Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 is here earlier then expected, now we have all Gunvolt game possibly made, available on Steam. (including the spin-offs series) This game takes place after the mainline games which are Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 & 2, if you haven’t played those, no fear since you can play this game & still have an understanding to the story for the most part, it’s recommended to play the previous first two games, to know the story precisely.

Gamplay: This game introduces a new character Kirin, who uses her sword to slash enemies, similar to a Mega Man Zero, there’s a new mechanic to her, you throw talisman on one or multiple enemies, then teleport into them with arc chain to kill them off at once to earn combos points. If you want to grind more points you have to avoid touching the ground similar to Copen’s mechanics. You get to learn new moves as you progress each stages. The second character: the main series protagonist Gunvolt aka Azure Striker, plays much differently then in the previous games. Gunvolt is powerful & almost immortal, much like the first two games, you shoot & tag into one or three enemies & use your electric bolts or mimic Kirin’s Arc Chain to finish off multiple enemies at once, you no longer have air strikes points & your flashfield is now automatic instead of holding the R Bumper Button, you can also shoot diagonally, jump infinitely & air dash without equipments. Gunvolt no longer has a health bar instead you now have is this Feather Gauge, which is filled default at 100%, the downside to that is if that meter drains or if you use SP Skill, you will switch back to Kirin meaning you can use Gunvolt temporarily & wait until the meter is back to 100%. Copen (aka Acura) is no longer featured as a playable character here.

Scoring & Difficulty: As with every Azure Striker Gunvolt game, (including the Luminous Avenger iX series) you have this Kudos System where if you reach 1K Kudos, Lumen start singing her new Jpop songs in the entire level. Normally if you get hit, you lose all your Kudos & Lumen stops singing however in GV3, they have changed it where if you take damage, your Kudos get locked & you have to earn points to unlock yourself & Lumen continues singing unless you stop grinding points . You are now forced to touch checkpoints bit it doesn’t reset your Kudos anymore. GV3 also introduces a new S++ Rank which is a rank higher to S+ Rank, the requirements here are very high as you need to memorize the level & get an almost perfect run in every stage. You also have exclusive SS Rank for Gunvolt only if you equipped the proper image pulse through a gacha roll. The Kudos Mode: Gutless, Cautious & Fearless have now been replaced with Normal, Hard & Very Hard Modes.

Conclusion & Thoughts: Overall I like GV3, it’s not a perfect game & story could be better written but I did enjoy the story over Luminous Avenger iX2. I also wished Kirin’s gameplay was less linear & focused more on slashing enemies on ground rather staying on air but it get’s the job done. I wish Gunvolt had a health bar & wasn’t so overpowered. The only nitpicks I have is that Gunvolt no longer runs or sprints instead dashes & that they removed the Sumeragi Plasma Legion Tank that was shown on GV3 first trailer. Currently the game is 10% off & you get all the Image Pulse DLC for Free with it if you buy the base game only until October 20th so get it while you can.

As a side note, the full game runs much better then the Demo which had random occasional stutters & FPS drops, they are not present here or aren’t as noticeable anymore.

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