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Posted: August 6

This is one of the worst remasters I have ever payed. The original game is much more stable and doesn’t have so many glitches and bugs as this. I have played it through two times, one time on Normal and the second time on Delta. In both playthroughs I had a gamebreaker glitch on the same spot (Bulldog ride in the mission Exodus). At the first time it was enough to delete my saves and restart the mission from the beginning (from the mission select menĂ¼), but the second time on Delta difficulty it dowsn’t wanted to work at any way. I spent a haf day to resolve the problem, but at the end it resolved itself randomly. Sometimes trigger elements are also not workind and you need to reload the last ceckpoint or restart the level. I really don’t know how Crytek allows such issues to exist even after two years of the release.

The graphical improvements are actually not bad, but the game doesn’t look so much better as you would expect to it’s system requirements. Some high resolution textures are actually worse than the originals as they make really visible patterns. You cannot move every physical object as in the original and also the music is somewhat altered during the game.

With all it’s issues, I absolutely cannot recomnend this version of the game.

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