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Posted: May 25

As a person who loves the concept of cyberpunk, from the atmosphere and world, the lives that we infer they may live, to the violence as money takes hold of more and more people, I think this game brings a lot of that together. During launch day it was definitely a flop. There were many bugs; game breaking, the graphics weren’t optimized, and it was very obvious that, this game was released in pressure from the community. However, as the years have passed, there have been many changes. The bugs no longer interfere with the game as heavily as they did before, the graphics have been updated, guns and items polished up, vehicles mechanics, driving, npc behaviours, and much more that you can only really feel while playing this game. Now I won’t sugar coat it, it’s not what it was intended to be pre-release, but its a game thats still worth playing. Now this may be a biased review, but I will put both the pros and cons I see from this game.

It’s beautiful. You may be thinking to yourself, is it really beautiful from what many people have said where there are headless npcs. Yes, of course, that’s the best part. Jokes aside it truly is. I’ve ran about 80 hours into the game, and I can tell you, I don’t think I can bored of the city. If you wanted to play a game, which brought the future infront of you, and made it realisitc. This is definitely it. As you drive around the city going from gig to gig, you will feel it. You feel the changes in districts, you feel the changes in atmosphere, the lives of the npcs, the buildings that surround you, even the parts that lay inside the buildings. They way you hear the news buzzing around you, telling you about the corrupt world that refuses to change. The way the npcs talk about trying to get out of their rough lives, thinking that maybe they’ve finally found a way out. The quite empty roads, to the gunshots in the distance, to gangs picking on innocent people; as the neon lights truly fill the street. The immersion is one that’s truly taken from granted, and as you finally leave the grasps of the city, you can feel the quite hmm of the badlands, still crawling with action, and a thirst to find a way out.

Each character you can truly feel. This game has been awarded story-rich for a reason. That’s what it was made for. For you to get the feel, as a person working in corporate. Or starting out from the dumps, as you progress the story you feel every bit of the city. From the people you interact with, and people you change paths with, you grow more and more attached, wanting to spend more time, learn more, as to how did they start off; how it’s so different for every character you meet, and how they got to where they are now in this buzzing city. You yourself, as you travel, fight, discover, explore, you can feel your own character grow, and your own sense of self blends into the choices you make throughout the game, and maybe how you would be in this world if you lived here. It truly is beautiful, and only something you can grasp when playing this game.

Now there are always pros, and there are always cons, some games have more than others. I think cyberpunk, has its cons, its not the worlds greatest game, but it’s not something that doesn’t make the game not worth it.

BUGS… :_)
Yes yes, bugs are there, they have been there from the start. BUT NO, they aren’t game breaking. CDPR has got, a lot, and I mean a lot of backlash for the buggy game they released back in 2020. However, I can say this much. Their game, is still, in my opinion, perhaps one of the greatest games ever made. They have spent, a lot, and I mean A LOT, of time fixing these bugs. From yes, the headless npcs, to you being chased by T-posing mobs, to even your car flying from a hit from, who knows what. It’s been handled very well. You still encounter bugs, like for my case there have been times where the perspective was stuck in story mode while actually playing the game, which was fixed just by me going to main screen and coming back. As well as me driving really fast into yellow barricades, and them getting stuck in my car, which would send me for an inception time flying experience, which was actually a nice refresher seeing something so silly. It wouldn’t stop me from playing the game, or have me miss out on something important. It still kept me going, and gave me a good laugh here and there. The bugs in this game are very subjective. If you are the type of person who’s gonna bawl over a bug you found and never play the game again, thennnn… maybe you shouldn’t get it, but if you aren’t like that and don’t mind your car flying every once in a while, and can even get a good laugh from it, this game will definitely give that you. The bugs are there, always have been, and always will be, but they don’t outweigh the other aspects of the game, still making it worth your money.

Yes, I talked a lot about how this story line was beautiful, and it is, my only problem with it, is that it’s too short. There are plenty of side gigs and fun people to meet, explore, and things to do, but the main storyline is short, and that’s one thing I definitely wished was longer. CDPR is adding expansions and it’s been rumoured that we will be getting more things to do while we wait for the expansion, but it’s still short. Side missions can last from 5 minutes to anywhere around 30. I’m still playing the game and have more stuff to do, but the more I play the more I enjoy how well this game as been made. As for CDPR, they’ve done great, not what was promised, but none the less respectable.

In my opinion, this game has improved a lot since it’s release, and will continue to improve in small ways making the game more fun. As for expansion many players still wait to see what will happen with that, as well as future updates. But the current stage the game is in, it’s beautiful, and worth trying. However, my only thing is that I would recommend getting it on sale. Is it worth the whole $80? Maybe not, is it worth 40 tho? 100%. And as long as you are enthusiastic about the world, the concept, of cyberpunk, you will come to love the game and what it has to offer. However, if you are playing for it to have the same level of depth as elden ring, choose elden ring. IT definitely is, something different, and something truly worth appreciating.

If you decide to get this game, have fun playing. Chooms 😀

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