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Posted: September 21

I know that I recommended against this game but don’t get me wrong; this is a good game. I played it on PS4 and put many hours into it there so I figured I would buy it on sale and play it again. As an open-world survival game, it has one major flaw that should be addressed: even if you manually save the game it seems that even loading that save file will load the game at the last checkpoint you made it to in a quest. In a game where you can spend hours roaming the world gathering materials, being able to save spur of the moment is key. I read another review that had this same problem and figured it was just a fluke, but as soon as i was allowed to freely move around I tested it myself only to find that it was indeed true. I proceeded to immediately refund the game because having to rely on checkpoints in a game like this is entirely untenable. I can only hope that the developers take note of this at some point and fix it because this was certainly not the case on the PS4. For those of you who can look past this, by all means play the game, as I said before it is still very good. If, however, you are like me and enjoy just taking your time and exploring every nook and cranny of the world, I would avoid the game for the time being unless you want to rely on auto-saves every time you have to close the game and risk potentially losing hours of exploration.

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