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Posted: July 2

The game has too many flaws, from clunky movement to jarring design decisions. If you like the delivery gameplay, it may very well satisfy for a suitably low price. Otherwise, I’d advise to keep on walking. There’s very little to actually see here.

I bought this game for the story and overall experience, and it sorely disappointed there. “Subtlety” isn’t an even remotely understood concept by whoever was on the narrative team. The game will constantly nag you and lampshade concepts that you got the first five times they were explained. Characters just cannot shut up for the first dozen hours and almost made me drop the game right there and then. Meanwhile, trainwrecks of cutscene marathons interspaced with time-wasting gameplay are plenty. They were the final straw for me.

The narrative keeps hinting at some big secrets and reveals but never delivers on them. The story is hollow and on the nose, every theme and idea ones you could already glimpse from a distance. This is pretty much all there is to it, with a few ideas stretched far beyond their value. What few plot twists there are are so badly-executed and meaningless that I couldn’t bring myself to care by the time they happened.

The best parts of the game are actually those where it lets itself be played without any sort of narration getting in the way. Even then, it’s pretty basic and I wouldn’t recommend it at anything approaching full price. The online component is opaque but well realized and I do think that this collaborative aspect is perhaps the game’s strongest suit. It still does fall on its face with movement physics that feel very frustrating and unpredictable at the worst times, which is a fatal flaw for a hiking simulator.

This review would have been a little more positive if the game had had less frustrating game mechanics and blatant disrespect for the player’s time on top of those problems. Having finished the game, I can’t say that I really feel happy with my purchase even with a sizeable discount.

YMMV but if you are on the fence with Kojima stories as I was, well, I’d recommend you stay behind it until the cost of entry is ankle-high. It’s really not that good and, to be honest, rather pretentious.

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