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Hello Miners,

The patch pod has arrived! We fixed the issue that got a lot of people stuck in black screen after the logos (and a bunch of other stuff). Thank you for your patience while we were figuring it out. You’re pretty Rock and Stone, Miners.

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew


– Fixed some cases where the modding support integration caused the game to not load past the videos in the beginning
– Fixed some cases where certain saves caused the game to not load past the videos in beginning

Weapon changes

Drak-25 Plasma Carbine
– Reduced the base ammo a bit
– Reduced the ammo bonus from the T2 Larger Battery upgrade
– Increased the ammo bonus of the Shield Battery Booster OC
– Reduced the overheat duration penalty of the Thermal Exhaust Feedback OC

– Moved some of the reload speed bonus and ammo switch speed bonus from the T3 Stabilizing Arm Brace upgrade to the base weapon
– Increased the base special Taser ammo
– Increased the base special Chemical Explosion ammo
– Increased the base duration of the Taser bolt
– Significantly increased the base duration of the Chemical Explosion bolt effect, giving a longer window in which to kill the affected enemy
– Significantly increased the explosion damage from an enemy killed while affected by the Chemical Explosion bolt and changed the damage type to Explosive

Coil Gun
– Moved some trail DoT from the T5 Electric Trail upgrade to the base weapon
– Reduced the base charge speed slightly and increased the bonus of the T1 Optimized Magnetic Circuit upgrade
– Significantly increased the effect strength and radius of the T3 Fear Trajectory upgrade
– Increased the explosion damage from the T5 Necro-Thermal Catalyst upgrade
– Removed the reload penalty from the Re-atomizer OC and changed it from Balanced to Clean
– Significantly reduced the damage penalty of the Backfeeding Module OC and reduced it’s ammo bonus slightly

Zhukov NUK17
– Slightly increased the damage bonus of the T5 Conductive Bullets upgrade
– Increased the damage bonus of the Gas Recycling OC

Voltaic SMG
– Moved some of the electrocution chance bonus of the T1 Upgraded Capacitors upgrade to the base weapon
– Moved some of the recoil reduction of the T2 Recoil Dampener upgrade to the base weapon

Shard Diffractor
Endothermic Explosion OC
– Renamed the Endothermic Explosion OC to Plastcrete Catalyst and tweaked the description to better clarify it’s mechanics
– Made the visual effects better reflect the AoE range increase when shooting at platforms
– Fixed the explosion effect not matching the size of the explosion
– Explosion now fully consumes all plastcrete within its effect radius
– Reduced the time it takes to trigger the explosion and made the weapon auto-cycle after an explosion is triggered

Colette Wave Cooker
– Moved some shot width from the base weapon to the T1 Concave Lens upgrade
– Reduced the effect of the T3 Temperature Amplifier upgrade on both the target and surrounding enemies
– Reduced the ammo bonus of the Mega Powersupply OC

Blistering Necrosis OC
– Weakpoint bonuses now apply when shooting blistering necrosis blisters.
– If a boil from blistering necrosis is on a weak point that gives a higher damage multiplier than 1.5x the boil will copy the weak points multiplier.
– Damage transferred from shooting blisters is no longer dependent on how much health the blisters have left.
– Removed the cap for how much damage the blisters can transfer to the enemy at once.

HURRICANE Guided Rocket System
– Increased the bonus of the T1 Increased Blast Radius upgrade
– Increases the projectile velocity and turn rate bonuses of the T2 Bigger Jet Engine upgrade

Weapon Bug Fixes
– Fixed taser arrows electric arc not damaging the enemy which the arrow is stuck in
– Fixed issue where arrows and other projectiles would start floating
– Fixed Crossbow also switching to special arrows when picking up stuck arrows.
– Fixed The Nishanka Boltshark X resupplies special bolts incorrectly
– Fixed Nishanka Boltshark X-80 bolts are doing less damage for clients.
– Banshee module for crossbow now takes fear resistance into consideration
– Fixed Bolts are consumed when hitting Pipes in refining mission instead of bouncing off
– Fixed an issue where electric bolts would cause the game to freeze
– Fixed coilgun not being able to damage the caretaker

– Fixed season challenge timer – season challenges now have 21 hours timer cooldown, down from 24 hour, for more flexibility
– Barrels now have a short cooldown before you can kick it again
– Increased the amount of holomite required to complete the secondary objective
– Updated grappling gun to disallow use through walls, and correctly correspond with UI

New Features
– Implemented NVidia Reflex

– Fixed Bulks not exploding as you would expect in missions with Volatile Guts anomaly
– Fixed grabbers not releasing the victim properly if they were released too fast on a spotty connection
– Fixed that Dead dreadnoughts would collide with the players
– Attempt to fix the case where Arbalest twin dreadnought would become invisible when killing its twin while it was burrowing
– Added more scaling to how lethal the Nemesis is based on hazard and number of players

– Fixed that Salvage would sometime not spawn enough mule legs’
– Fixed that some tunnels would be too narrow
– Fixed cave generation scaling issue – where cave features like slanted crystals in salt caves would become larger than intended

– Fixed that Ears would pop through the flight commander hat
– Set Hex helmet head visibility set from neck to none

– Mods will now not be marked as causing a crash if you quit the game normally.

– Fix attempt for escape pod sometimes not dropping down
– Fixed exploding barrel event lasers not animating
– Fixed the icon over the lost pack being upside down… whoops!
– Fixed barrier turret not spinning when the host wasn’t looking at it
– Fix for Barbaric Bosco Paintjob using the wrong material
– Added async loading of season briefing
– Client interaction system fixes for high ping
– Updated spaceball physics
– Attempt to fix case where hearthstone progress bar was not showing

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