Steam Community :: Detroit: Become Human

Posted: August 1

This game is amazing. I bought it when it was on sale for 20 dollars, and I was fully expecting to refund it because it just didn’t seem fun at the time of purchasing (Don’t question why I chose to purchase it in the first place). But soon after starting the game I realized that it was really fun, the fights were decently hard, the story was good, and you really feel emotion throughout the game. Tense scenes feel really tense and sometimes you have only a few seconds to think before something happens. Even though the game is pretty hard, I wouldn’t say its very much of a skill based game. It’s more about choosing between what is right or wrong, and what is worth the risk to get the desired outcome. The game is also decently long, taking me three days to beat it, all the while playing it A LOT. And there is an impressive amount of branches in the story. Almost everything you do will make it’s way back to you in some way or another. You may regret mistakes very much, or be happy that you make the right call. Also, the graphics and audio design is amazing. It’s almost photo realistic. The amazing animation and the smooth transitions between scenes really takes the immersion one step further. Buy it when its on sale. Trust me, it’s good.

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