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Posted: June 28

This is my personal favorite shooter of all time. I got this game for free through playstation plus years ago and never played it because I was to dumb to understand it. A few years later I downloaded it and played it and fell in love. I got all of the trophies of the ps4 version and even began to speed run it for fun because I enjoyed all the parts of this game so much. The story is an epic idea that misses the mark through lack of context and trying to appeal to general audiences by having a “big bad guy” but the thing is that it’s still interesting and kept my attention. SPOILER: It ends on a cliffhanger for a third game but that game is yet to or never to come. The gameplay is what made me replay it on my ps4 so many times, the stealth was fun and using multiple augments in combos almost in a flow like action. The gun play was enjoyable even though I always preferred the non-lethals to lethals. The augments allow you to create builds that are fun and fit your play-style, wanna be a tank and just shoot bad guys do it, wanna sneak and hack everything? You can do that too, or even a little bit of both. I understand that this game is certainly not for everyone and I gave heard of crashing on some not as up to date hardware. And the sound quality is just not there, the environments and voice acting was fantastic but the gun sounds and walking sounds are stock like and make you feel like you’re using peashooters instead of a shotgun. Overall this is in my top 2 games of all time and strongly recommend you give it a try if it goes on sale. I love this game and hope you do too.

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