Steam Community :: Disgaea 4 Complete+

Posted: November 10

I’ve played Disgaea for a while and I can easily say Disgaea 4 is one of the best in the entire series along with the original Disgaea and Disgaea 5. Disgaea 4 first introduced HD sprites to the series and they are Disgaea sprites at their best, I will never understand why NIS decided to switch to 3D specific graphics in future titles. While the story is not as good as the original Disgaea, it is still entertaining with it’s cast of characters, which are as iconic as the original Disgaea’s cast. Disgaea 4 makes an already complicated series more complicated but easy to learn if you have the patience and time. If you enjoy strategy RPG’s, this is a good first entry into the series. If you love grinding, you’re obviously going to love this game because like any Disgaea, its main highlights is grinding in randomly generated areas. Pick this one up if you are willing to learn its complexity!

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