Steam Community :: Disgaea 6 Complete

Posted: June 28

1) This game is not worth, in any way, the ridiculous price tag that has been put on it. It’s a one and a half year old Switch game that has been ported over to PC. The high price is just there to gouge loyal fans of the franchise, before undoubtedly going on regular deep discount sale in a few months time. The previous iteration, Disgaea 5, was released at less than half the price, and is currently on 70% sale discount at the time of writing.

2) On top of this, a single player, £65/$70 game with in game purchases? Either this is some sort of joke which I don’t quite get, or Nippon Ichi Software REALLY hate every single person buying this game, and want to do anything they can to just gouge even more money out of it’s loyal fan base.

3) The one thing this game has done right, is with PC optimisation. The options are full of graphical settings to improve the PC visual experience. But saying that, given that this series was never a AAA graphical masterpiece in the first place, I can’t say any of these improvements were vital.

4) The game itself is a step down from Disgaea 5. They’ve added a few useful QOL changes, and a couple of neat content additions, but taken out a lot more than they’ve put in.

Overall, if you’re the sort of person, like me, who enjoys the franchise so much that you ended up paying this ridiculous sum for the game, then there’s nothing a review could say to put you off doing so. But to everyone else, wait. This game is fine, but needs to go at least 50% off to be actually worth the purchase price. If you don’t own Disgaea 5 already, buy that instead.

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