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One For the Books

Like any good librarian, Ms. Wickerbottom believes in the preservation and distribution of knowledge. Well… most knowledge, that is. There are some things that must be kept hidden away from the eyes of the public. Who knows what could happen if certain secrets fell into the wrong hands?

The Wickerbottom Refresh is now available on Steam and will be available on Xbox and Playstation shortly. Nintendo Switch will be getting this refresh in an upcoming update as we work toward unifying game versions on console.


  • WickerBottom
    • Wickerbottom can no longer be forced to fall asleep.
    • Wickerbottom can now craft the following new books:
      • The Angler’s Survival Guide
      • Pyrokinetics Explained
      • Overcoming Arachnophobia
      • Tempering Temperatures
      • Lux Aeterna
      • Practical Rain Rituals
      • Lunar Grimoire
      • Apicultural Notes
      • Horticulture, Expanded
      • The Everything Encyclopedia
      • Lux Aeterna Redux
      • Wickerbottom can also build a cabinet to help conserve her books.
    • Tuned Wickerbottom’s stats when it comes to eating stale and spoiled food and her health.
    • Shadow Creatures now Spawn when Wickerbottom attempts to read her books while insane
  • Added the Hostile Flare.
  • Added the Fencing Sword for riposting fences.

Additional Changes
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  • Maxwell now suffers 2.5 times the sanity costs as Wickerbottom when reading Wickerbottom’s books.
  • Wortox Changes
    • Wortox will be able to Soul Hop to past explored locations through the Map.
    • The cost of souls is proportional to the distance traveled.
    • There are visual indicators to show cost increases.
    • Wortox will now be able to Soul Hop a second time for free if done within a short time of the last.
      • Wortox will get slightly more hunger from eating souls.
      • Wortox will gain a small amount of sanity for being healed by a soul.
    • Wortox Souls now only heal hurt players and have more diminishing returns when healing groups of hurt players.
    • The Wortox who deals the killing strike is guaranteed at least one soul.
      • This is intended to help prevent fighting for nearby souls when souls are being created but prevent boss soul drops from being fully claimed.

New Skins!

Wickerbottom Deluxe Wardrobe ($10.99 / 19 RMB).
This Deluxe Wardrobe contains Wickerbottom’s complete set of Guest of Honor, Roseate, Survivor, Triumphant, and Nom de Plume skin items.

Library Chest ($3.99 / 8 RMB)
This Library Chest contains the following skin items: Mind’s Eye Life Amulet, Walnut Bookstack, and Library Placard.

New Twitch Drops!

We’re offering a new set of streaming drops over on Check out this post for details[].


We are experimenting with the viewing requirements for Twitch items. 

View time on Twitch will now be accrued concurrently and no longer sequentially. This means that viewers will get credit for ALL time they spend watching stream and will no longer need to claim one item before earning time for the next item. However, viewers will still want to make sure they claim all items before the campaign ends.

Please be aware that this may change again in the future, but we want to see how this works out so we thought we would give it a try. Let us know what you think on the thread for the new drop here[].  

[] And that’s all for now. 
On to the next update! Unfortunately, I can’t share anything about this one yet, there is still work to be done backstage. But – we’ll make sure to share something well before showtime. 

Last but not least. Have some points[].  

Thanks again everybody and have fun out there!

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