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Posted: May 28

Edge of Eternity is just a sad and frustrating experience.

This game actually made me write my first review on any game on steam ever. The simple reason for that is that I could not live with myself knowing that some people (including me) are wasting perfectly fine money on this game. It’s better to fold some origami with your bills. Edge of Eternity is the result if you mix up all negative aspects of JRPGs and turn it into a singleplayer MMO game. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The Good

I tried. I really tried to think about what the good about this game is. I just cannot. Edge of Eternity does nothing exceptional. The best thing they do is plain average in the market – or considerably below current standards. I guess the giant cat horses are cute?! So, this part of my review is kept rather short…unlike the next one.

The Bad

Oh boy…where to start…

  • Story: I have played roughly 18 hours of EoE now. I am yet to find out whether the story at some point gets interesting. Convoluted plot points come up out of the blue and are forgotten as fast as they were thrown out. The dialogue is embarrassing throughout. It is like the devs tried to make their characters sound as unnatural as possible. And even if the story at some point would make sense…if I have to play 18+ hours of a game until it gets…I do not even dare say good…that game is a failure. Simple as that. Nothing substantial has happened so far cause I am not even sure what the main plot is? The mother? The corrosion? The weird priest? Aliens? Multiple stories are glued together when not even one of the plot lines are in any way, shape or form written well.
  • Graphics: The game was released last year and looks like an early release PS2 game. I really cannot understand how some people are praising this aspect and while graphics are in no way a high priority for me…if you try to make your game look good (and that was definitely the goal), then it should look good. Otherwise, just stick to 2D RPG artstyle. The lip sync is awful, faces look horrible. And let us not talk about the fact that the promo poster and the ingame models are different. I did not expect to play a Walmart version of Noctis. The map is way too big for way too little content. You just walk around for literal minutes and all you see are the extremely small variety in enemies, some chests here and there and some craft material. It does not feel like I explore, it feels like the game explores my patience with it. Not even the minimap is any good. The background of it is blank, it does not include any obstacles within the walkable path according to it. Inaccurate border indications, the missing ability to change the map dimension (as it is way too zoomed in) and therefore the need to always open the map in the main menu (!) to check out where you are actually at just adds to the frustration.
  • Gameplay: The turn-based fights are way too slow, character progression with the orbs is alright, but could have been better. To be fair, the orbal stat system contribute the least to my dismay. Why can I only take three items per character with me? And why can I only use a limited amount of those three items? Too many questions like that come up pretty much after every encounter. I actively only fight mobs to stay on the XP curve, otherwise I just get burned out after five fights. It is tedious, frustrating and most of all…anything but exciting. However, it is important to stay on the XP curve cause even mob fights can easily blast you away when several packs of enemies bind together and you are fighting 6+ creeps at once. I am not even talking about boss fights which range from easier than mobs to…level-up or drop the game.
  • Quests: In the year 2021 it is apperently still acceptable to include the typical Kill x amount of this mob sidequests. I can only repeat myself. This is a singleplayer MMO. A few sidequests have a short story attached to them (I liked the one with the old ninja master), but the rewards are worthless in 99% of cases and you do not loseout if you skip them. Why not just focus on a decent main story and skip the sidequests all together? The more people play the game the less they want to play it.
  • Characters: Cardboard. Mix all edgelord aspects of a JRPG MC together, add sarcastic snarky remarks to your liking – boom, that’s…I actually had to think what his name was…Daryon. But to be fair, maybe he would be more likable if the voice acting would not be…subpar to express it in a nice way. I kid you not, the microphone quality varies so much between the VAs, I am 100% confident that some just ordered a 30€ bluetooth microphone and recorded through Discord. Plus, I just picked up my third full-time party member. Was he made unbearably obnoxious on purpose as well? And I have to save EoE’s face a little here – the whole JRPG genre suffers from similar problems. Characters are a neglected aspect.
  • UX: Just a bunch of bugs and inconveniences I encountered. Having to reopen the tab after forging a weapon cause the screen is unresponsive, for example. For some reason there is a team energy bar in the game which is just a chore and provides nothing else. I cannot think of a good reason to add it. Overall, the experience is just not enjoyable. I play(ed) it, but it feels like a chore. It is clunky, provides no convenience and is missing QoL features that were introduced to the market 10+ year ago.

The Ugly…

…would be EoE in its entirety. I am sure I forgot half of the things I was complaining about while I played, but you get the gist. I am usually a never-drop gamer, but EoE makes it really hard for me. I am not sure I have the heart to continue (let alone finish) this mess of a game. And that is not only my opinion, I am 18 hours in and the story-related achievements that you simply receive by playing the game (!) state that I am among 5-6% of the playerbase. I repeat: Only 5% of players who have touched this game have reached the halfway point. That is insane. The mixed reviews are not a truthful indicator on the quality of the game. If you drop the game after an hour you will most likely not write a review. Do not buy. I have never ever regretted paying 30€ for a game as much as for EoE. I would actually be upset if a friend would gift me this game. And while I was super critical overall, I somewhat feel for the devs. They are just a small team with little experience, I understand that…but this game is simply not good. I would not release this game. I hope that EoE was a good learning experience on what not to do. I cannot 100% say what the devs tried to create, but whatever it was…it did not work out.

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