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Game introduction

Assassin’s Vol. is a level puzzle game. The bishop of the church in Songxi Town frequently bullies women, especially the bullying of beautiful women. Although the people have sent reporting letters to the procuratorate many times, the legal management under the “Three Capitals” system starts from the capital of law called ‘Jianyi’, not to mention whether there will be an ombudsman to investigate and verify this. One thing, in Songxi Town, a small place that can only be found by zooming in three times on the map, it will take a long time to wait in line for the report letter to be consulted. As the bishop of the local church, he naturally understands this truth better than anyone else, so he acts even more recklessly.

About us

Hello, we are Lovely Game, desire, throbbing, we desire to give you the purest romance.
Because we hope to provide you with a more convenient gaming experience, we have launched the official website and official Twitter account of Lovely Games, so that you can get our latest information anytime, anywhere, and if you encounter any problems in the game, you can also choose to Community F&Q discussions or put forward in the official steam group~
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