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Posted: June 11

This game really gets on my nerves.

The graphics look very nice when standing still, However as soon as I move in this game there’s like a visible zone a couple of meters infront of the character where the graphics change to the better (Pixelated Artifacting). It’s ugly as hell seeing shadows and textures change as I move back and forth. Apparently it’s part of how the engine works to reduce pop-ins but it looks horrible.

The fights are decent but there’s so much annoying crap. Quick time events, slopes you can’t climb normally, constant animal attacks that makes the game feel so retarded. Mixing bears, wolfs, tigers, elephants, eagles all in these areas is so dumb. They really needed to tone down the animals aggression and numbers. It’s laughable how many tigers there are in this tiny areas.

The story is a joke. I started the campaign and got a choice of two missions. Because I choose to help get some intel the other guy is now actually accusing me of not saving his men from the other mission. I can’t believe they actually wrote this garbage. Even if the rebellion was only made up of the three people involved, he still has the gall to blame the player character for something he could have done himself. It’s not like he’s in a wheelchair or anything. The very idea that the player character who just arrived and started to help is now somehow sole responsible for their whole combat operations is laughable and retarded.
Normally games try hard to make a player feel like they are part of a large organization, here instead they tell you outright that you are the only person fighting and handling everything. It’s beyond retarded.

The villain seems to be a standard psychopath leader that ubisoft seems to love. The commonly used phrase “wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle” comes to mind several times playing this game as the characters seems to be recycled from earlier games.

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