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Posted: June 26

Top notch world design and atmosphere here, roaming the lush forests and taking in the scenery is a treat in Far Cry 5. Liberating camps while the radio plays propaganda music from the cult, birds of prey screeching overhead as you trek across the corn fields, taking a boat out on the river, climbing mountains and gliding down, causing chaos as different factions fight to the death and getting into scraps with the local wildlife. All fantastic parts of the game that among many other aspects really draw you in to this beautifully crafted landscape in the clutches of a dangerous cult.

Sounds great right, and yeah the world building is great, the setting is great, But in my opinion the direct storytelling really lets it down. Starts off well but begins to fall apart and become hard to take seriously, certain events will be scripted in that you will be captured and taken back as a prisoner to one of the cult bases. Now they’ve tried to make it seem dynamic in that you physically get captured while out in the world, which at first works well but this gets repeated at least 3 times turning it into a chore. It can be hilariously stupid in some cases, me and my co-op friend somehow got captured and tranquilized while flying a plane, tranquilized while hiding in a room with no windows or way to reach us.

In terms of gameplay Far Cry 5 mostly hold up well, gunplay feels tight and responsive, traversing the world is fun either on foot or in a vehicle. Light RPG elements are present with crafting, skill trees and similar things you’d expect. Look it’s a modern Ubisoft game it’s formulaic and you know what you’re getting yourself in for, but at the same time Far Cry 5 does feel like it has something special to make it stand out. And i owe that to the environment and world they’ve built. I had a ton of fun playing this Co-op, it’s not without issues but if you try not to take the story too seriously and soak in the atmosphere this is a great pickup.

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