Steam Community :: Farm Together

Posted: August 17

I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game co-op with my fiancé. It is the perfect de-stress chill out game!

We wanted something “mindless” we could spend an hour or two playing each evening after work, and it has been so great escaping to a cozy virtual farm world. We really enjoyed customizing our tractors, farmers, and their pet companions. And of course, designing our own farm and house together!

My only gripe with the game is its lack of replayability. It only took 100 hours to get all the achievements, and after that there isn’t much else to unlock or do… (However, we are taking the extra time to unlock all the animals etc, even though there isn’t any achievement/incentive for it).

If they allowed you keep all your unlocked plants, animals, and decor, when you start a new farm then I could see myself spending another 100+ hours easily. But as it stands, when you start a new farm they put you back at square one, and you have to grind all over again to unlock the items you want/need for the new farm design you have in mind.

Other than that, this is a really solid co-op sim. The graphics and animations are polished and beautifully styled, the music and sound effects are frankly adorable and addictive (especially the “level up” sound haha), the UI is gorgeous and really easy to use, and the gameplay itself is very well thought out and optimised. I highly recommend it!!

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