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Posted: June 23

In 2020, NHK held a large national Final Fantasy poll in Japan, and XIII-2 came at 28th place. And, looking at Steam achievement stat, half of players just quit playing around after the first boss fight.
After completed the game myself, I can now understand why. During my playthrough, I also wanted to quit playing several times. But I had to force myself to finish this game, because I know that this is a game that I shall never want to replay.

XIII-2 story feel more like a fanfiction of FF13, not something you would expect as a proper sequel.
It retcons a lot of what that had been established in original XIII, like story, lore, and characters’ personalities.

Combat is even more restrictive than original XIII. Your 3rd party member is now replaced with a captured monster. Each monster has its own set of roles and abilities, and you can only switch up to 3 monsters in battle. That means, during paradigm shift, your 3rd party member can only switch, at most, between 3 roles.
In original XIII, every party members have access to all 6 roles for paradigm shift.

Party member AI is a downgrade from original XIII. My major complaint is that XIII-2 AI always try to move themselves closer to enemies. Oftentimes they just walk right into active enemies’ AOE attacks.
In original XIII, any party member that caste magic or use projectiles would stay away from enemies so they would be unlikely to get attacked.

And they added quick-time event into combat system…
Boss fights and special abilities now have big buttons prompts on screen.

The port quality of this PC version is abysmal. You will encounter issues regardless of your PC hardware.
You might believe that your PC can handle this game. You might believe that high and stable FPS would be easily achievable, because this is a 2014 game, and you have the latest current-year hardware.
And you would be dead wrong. It’s like this PC port was intentionally designed to withstand technological advancement; to make sure that this game will always run poorly on any PC hardware, past, present, or future.

Fluctuated FPS and frequent stutters are common, even with community-made fixes.

Also, there is no volume control. And this game music is obnoxiously much louder than dialogues. The only way to adjust music volume is to use a mod to change music files directly.

If you still want to buy this game, do it with low expectation, so that your first impression with this game might not be too disappointing.

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